Female Squirrel

About Us

Save our Squirrels is the largest single-species conservation project taking place in the UK at present, and has a budget of £1.2M over the next three years to undertake red squirrel conservation, information, and access projects in the North of England and beyond. Over 50% of this budget has come from the Heritage Lottery Fund, with the balance being funded by the public and private sector businesses that make up Red Alert North England and donations from the general public.

Save our Squirrels was created by Red Alert North England in 2006 to deliver the North of England Red Squirrel Strategy, but is managed and directed by Northumberland Wildlife Trust. However, our area of operations is absolutely huge - stretching from Berwick upon Tweed across to the Solway Firth, and all the way down to Merseyside!

Within this area, we have 16 dedicated Red Squirrel Reserves - areas of (mostly coniferous) forest which have been identified as giving the red squirrel the best chance of continued survival in the North of England. All the landowners and managers of these forests have signed up to an agreement that they will manage the habitat to the maximum benefit of the red squirrel through carefully planned felling and replanting programmes.